This is our first year working with Law Enforcement Partners and we are very excited about the program.

As a team the staff has been very professional and has met all our expectations. The products look amazing. They have done an excellent job!

Feedback from our community has been very positive and we have received many good comments.

We absolutely love the products and encourage you to work with Law Enforcement Partners.

                                                            Sheriff Jerry Montagne, McPherson County Sheriff


 We have been working with Law Enforcement Partners for almost 2 years and have been very pleased with their service and products.

They have always been professional and helpful, and the products are always very well done and delivered on time.

Members of our community love the magnets and the kids think the coloring books are awesome!

We recommend Law Enforcement Partners.

                                                          Chief Chris Wertz, Huntsville MO



My name is Dwayne Villanueva and I am the Sheriff for Karnes County, TX. We have been working with Law Enforcement Partners for five years.

Law Enforcement Partners has always been very helpful with any changes or questions we have or have asked of them. They’ve also helped with design questions on projects that we have been working on at our office.

The sales team at Law Enforcement Partners is excellent, always going the extra step to ensure that they have met all our expectations!

We have never been disappointed with any of the products from Law Enforcement Partners and we’ve never had to wait for our order. Everything has always been delivered in a timely manner.

The public as well as the businesses that purchase ads are always pleased with the calendars. I would definitely recommend Law Enforcement Partner! We have been very pleased with their work. Everyone is very professional and helpful.

Sheriff Villanueva, Karnes County

Hello, my name is Jeff Wilson and I am the Sheriff of Hart County, KY. Last year our sheriff’s department had the pleasure of working with Law Enforcement Partners in regards to calendars for our department. We contacted them and provided them with a group photo. 

Law Enforcement Partner’s sales team was very professional and they were very efficient. 

We were very pleased with the calendars and handed them out during tax season. They were very much appreciated and so was the extra thought that was put into our project. 

Since then, they have reached out to us about expanding their products. One of them is the coloring books. We have reviewed them and they are very professionally put together. The staff has provided us with all of the information for the coloring books.

I highly recommend that your agency partner with Law Enforcement Partners for all of your products.

Sheriff Wilson, Hart County

My name is Captain Scott Rowe and I am a Deputy Sheriff with the Onslow County Sheriff’s Office in Jacksonville, NC. We have been working with Law Enforcement Partners for the past five years. 

The sales team is very professional and can always answer any questions that we might have. They are always going that extra step to ensure that they have met all our expectations. Their products always look AMAZING and are always delivered to us in a timely manner. When talking to the community about the product, we always receive great feedback. The proceeds that we receive from our calendars help us fund our DARE program including helping to purchase this DARE vehicle.  We got it wrapped and got all the lights put on it.

Onslow County Sheriff’s Office