Coloring Books

Free personalized and customizable coloring books with multiple topics to choose from.

Sheriff Coloring Books | Police Coloring Books | Law Enforcement Coloring Books


  • 150 free
  • Personalized and customized to your agency. We can use your badge or patch, image of your vehicle, even a picture of your chief or sheriff to make them look like your agency
  • Customize your coloring book by choosing the 5 topics that fits your community’s needs
  • Multiple topics to choose from such as: Bullying, Internet Safety, Drug Awareness, Gun Safety, and many more
  • Local emergency numbers and helplines on the inside back cover
  • Strong educational tool
  • A way to bridge the gap between children and law enforcement officers (ice breaker)
  • Valuable way to comfort children in a tough situation
  • Reaches an audience that is often overlooked and the easiest to influence
  • Free shipping

Make an impression with these fun and informational sheriff coloring books or police coloring books that are personalized and customized to present a positive image of your agency!